5-Paragraph Essay Formatting

5 Paragraph Essay Outline: Basic Recommendations

It is impossible to generate top quality essay without properly structured and solid outline. The point is that an outline is some sort of skeleton of your essay, which helps you to put you thoughts in logical order.

Before you start working on your 5 paragraph essay outline, you have to make sure that you have already gathered all the information related to your topic and you are well-familiar of it. Moreover, it is recommended to create a list of articles and books that will come in handy in the process of work. Put down some notes. They will be very useful and help you to construct sentences and then correct them. Do your best in order to base the 5 paragraph essay outline upon the key ideas of the paper.

Below we have provided the example five paragraph essay outline you can avail of in your essay:

  • INTRODUCTION (One should provide attention-grabbing information in this block so that the reader would want to go on reading)

Point A (One should provide three main integral parts of essay five paragraph – main details, valid examples and solid arguments)


Point B (One should provide three main integral parts of essay five paragraph – main details, valid examples and solid arguments)


Point C (One should provide three main integral parts of essay five paragraph – main details, valid examples and solid arguments)

  • CONCLUSION (Summarize all the key ideas of the paper)

Working on your project, it is highly important to be clear, for example, five paragraph essay shouldn’t contain information you have included just to mill the wind.

Make a note of:

  • Introduction is a great opportunity to attract attention to your paper and to put your paper in context;
  • Body is a section which includes arguments that support your thesis;
  • Conclusion is none other than the rephrasing of introduction section in other words;

Some students create their own five-paragraph essay form or use circles. You have an opportunity to do the same to guide your writing process. But the general idea of the outline structure remains the same.

5 paragraph essay writing outline

This article was created to provide all needy students with effective 5 paragraph essay organizer that will help to get familiar with the basic rules and facts about how to properly create high quality five-paragraph essay.

5-Paragraph Essay Structure

Introduction paragraph

The opening paragraph should include 5 paragraph essay thesis statement and brief information about what you’re going to talk about in your paper. One of the most important elements of the introduction section is so-called transitional hook that has to grab your reader’s attention and arouse his interest in further reading.


First body paragraph. In this section one should provide the strongest argument of the project and the most brilliant illustration that will prove the writer’s opinion. It is important to mention the paragraph topic in one of the first paragraph sentences. Don’t forget to include a transitional hook for the paragraph that goes next.

Second body paragraph. Include one more strong argument of the essay in this section. The beginning of this paragraph should be linked with the last sentence of the previous one. Include a transitional hook for the third paragraph.

Third body paragraph. In this section you reveal the weakest essay argument to your audience. The topic sentence should reflect the 5 paragraph essay thesis statement. With the help of transitional hook you proceed to the concluding section.

Paragraph of conclusions

It is important to include 4 key elements into this paragraph:

A reference to the manner the introductory section was built.

Restatement of the thesis in other words.

1st, 2nd and 3rd body paragraphs summary.

The final statement that involves everything mentioned in the project and reveals the true quintessence of the essay.

Topics for 5 Paragraph Essay

You have an opportunity to avail of a huge number of topics for 5 paragraph essay. It is important to delicately pick the topic and fully understand it because good awareness of it is the guarantee of successfully written essay. For instance, you may write 5-paragraph essay about some piece of literature. For example, you can make analysis of “The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha” written by Miguel de Cervantes and write about why Don Quixote behaves a certain way in the book.

A writer can also create a piece of work about some social subject, for instance, if you feel like death penalty should be annulled, you have an opportunity to provide your thoughts about this social phenomenon.

What a 5- paragraph essay demands?

Basic process of defining a 5-paragraph essay remains same for part decades. The term “5-paragraph essay” makes it clear for the reader to know what exactly a 5-paragraph essay means. The question now arises about the type of essay; which type of essay can be considered as a 5-paragraph essay?

In order to understand we need to assume that there is a new category where essays are divided in their types through their volume and writing format rather than depending upon their initial motive such as description, persuasion, argumentation or exposition. Any essay whether it is a pros-con, descriptive or cause-effect regardless of their nature can be written in 5-paragraph format. In easy words we can say that 5-paragraph is a type of layout for an essay but not a type of essay.

Writing a 5-paragraph essay is just like any other essay which is divided into 5 paragraphs where each part has its own importance. So it can be assumed that any topic can be taken as 5-paragraph essay topic if it is written in the required layout.

A 5-paragraph essay outline is required before writing the essay itself which helps in improving the format and gives a proper direction to the essay. In order to make sure that you have a good essay you can even ask for 5-paragraph essay outline help. After you get the outline the further process becomes easy. The essay starts with a intro which contains the thesis statement followed by body supporting the thesis statement and a closure presented a compatible conclusion. Also, special stress must be given to references too. This whole format consists of one paragraph introduction, three for the body and last for conclusion.

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5-paragraph essay an easy wonder

The word 5-paragraph essay speaks about itself that what it looks like but there are various secrets and tips hidden behind writing a 5-paragraph essay. It must be clear from the name itself that a 5-paragraph essay must consist of 5 differentiated paragraphs. But, which must be written there? How to start writing? How to reach till the end? This article will disclose various 5-paragraph essay formatting tips.

A basic 5-paragraph essay is written in 5 paragraphs but it consists of three main sections. They are given below:

  • Introduction: An effective and interesting introduction is the key. The main requirement of introduction is to create reader’s interest which will compel him to go through the rest of four paragraphs. The reader must look curious about the content of the essay while going through the introduction. A strong thesis statement or a famous quote will do the job. This is called the first impression.
  • Body: The body consists of next 3 paragraphs which are followed by the introduction. The first paragraph must be directly link to the introduction followed by the second paragraph which must act like a chain effect on the reader. This will maintain the interest throughout the essay. The last part of the body must be decorated with the argument of the highest degree which must support the previous part of the body. Since, the fourth paragraph is the last to present authors views about the topic chosen, it must be written with great care and enthusiasm. The reader must get fully involved in the essay’s content. This is the author’s key to success.
  • Conclusion: The conclusion of 5-paragraph essay is based on the introduction, confirming the thesis statement with the help of the 3 paragraphs from the body. Great importance must be given to the fact that the conclusion doesn’t contradict the introduction or deviate from the statement presented before.

Besides these a special attention is required while checking the format and grammar. If needed, online essay formatting help can be taken. We offer 5-paragraph essay assistance round the clock so don’t hesitate to contact us if you require professional essay writing help. We will help in making your 5-paragraph essay look like as an easy wonder.

5-paragraph Chicago Essay Help

When the question is about 5-paragraph essay, a written argument form is usually meant. That’s the common task for the high school, college and university students. In general, a 5-paragraph essay is very similar to the typical essays forms. The only point that makes it different from the rest is its structure: introduction section, three paragraphs, concluding part.

The most common format used for the 5-paragraph essay (just like for the rest) is the Chicago style format. It is called the most effective writing form for any type of work. If you need to make your 5-paragraph essay impressive but simple at the same time, the best option for that is the Chicago style. It is a very interesting writing style which is remarkable for the use of bold, caps words etc. Search for 5-paragraph Chicago essay help on the Internet where you will be provided with competent and top quality help with Chicago format for 5-paragraph essay from highly skilled individuals if you are not that good at writing field.

In case if you make up your mind to work on your 5-paragraph essay on your own, follow the instructions provided below and thus get the guarantee of trouble-less writing process.

  1. If you want to use abbreviations, you can use some letters from the word in order to do so;
  2. One of the Chicago formats attractions is the words capitalization;
  3. The heading should be written in bold and caps. Use bigger font that you use for the essay;
  4. The next line letter should be in caps. Thus, the new beginning of the sentence or paragraph will be shown;
  5. If you want to mark some important phrases or terms, use italic font;
  6. One of the features of the Chicago style is quotes making;
  7. When you deal with the captions, notes, block quotations and reference, you need to single space them.

Don’t be shy to ask your professor for help with Chicago format for 5-paragraph essay or approach online help with Chicago 5-paragraph essay company where they will be of a great assistance with your project and answer every single question of yours.

5 Paragraph Turabian Style Essay Writing

One of the written arguments form is the 5-paragraph essay. It is a common task that high schools, college and university students get. The structure of this type of essay is very easy: introduction, 3 body paragraphs using development and support, conclusion paragraph.

The point is that different institutions require different formats to be followed while working on the 5-paragraph essay. One of the formats that are the most popular ones is the Turabian style. This style is very similar to the rest but still it has some specifications that can be found in the 5-paragraph essay of Turabian style.

First of all, it is necessary to mention that Turabian format requires the citation format that differs from the other papers. Generally, we can name 2 formats of Turabian 5-paragraph essays. We deal with one of them when we work on the 5-paragraph essays for natural sciences and the other one when we need to work with humanities. In case with the 5-paragraph essays for the science papers, you need to use the superscript number in the essay text. At the page bottom you need to make a reference that you will match the superscript with. In the page where the bibliography sources are listed you will have to match these references with one another. When the question is about 5-paragraph essays for humanities, we use a bit different format. One should utilize notes in parenthesis while citing. After that you will have to match one citation with the other one which is in the reference page. Remember, in such type of the essays you shouldn’t use the bibliography. All the references should be listed in the order in accordance with the alphabet at the end of the paper. When you are about to work on the reference, you need to keep to the next structure: the name of the author, the work title, publisher’s coordinates (city/name/year of publication).

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The Best Help with MLA 5-Paragraph essay

To write a good 5-paragraph essay in MLA format you should keep in mind basic principles of MLA formatting as well as the standard outline of a 5-paragraph essay. Luckily for you, we may give you some 5-paragraph MLA essay help:

This kind of work isn’t supposed to be very long, so you will hardly need any help with MLA format for 5-paragraph essay citing – it is doubtful that you will be able to find room for quotations and bibliography list. We will concentrate on the page layout instead:

  • No separate title page, all the information about the author is placed on the page where your essay writing begins. Print it in four lines in the left side of the page in this order: your full name, your instructor’s name, the name and number of the course for which you write it, the date of submission.
  • The whole essay is double-spaced and surrounded by one-inch margins.
  • In the upper-right corner of every page there is a header with your surname and the number of the page. It should be half an inch from the upper rim of the page.

If 5-paragraph MLA essay help you need is concerned with the “5-paragraph” part, we can help you as well. The structure of such an essay is fairly standardized and doesn’t differ much from what you may see in virtually any subject. It consists, naturally, of 5 paragraphs: the introduction, where you state the main idea, what you are going to prove and so on. It is supported by 3 main body paragraphs, giving the reader some idea and examples of what you are writing about. In conclusion you sum everything up.

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Get Your 5 Paragraph Essay Properly Formatted in APA Style

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