Almost every student is required to write it in elementary school, middle school and high school if not in the university level. The five paragraph essay writing is therefore almost mandatory in the academic life of each student. But to write an essay, you should know to write the outline first; the outline is like a backbone to your essay.

But how do you write 5-paragraph essay outline in an efficient manner? It is better to write the outline when you have decided on your essay topic, assembled the points from your research and formulated the thematic structure of your essay. It is very important to pen down the outline because it will help you to organize your composition in an impressive manner. Your 5-paragraph essay must have an outline of three paragraphs; namely the introduction, body and conclusion. Now you need to know how to write 5-paragraph essay outline. You must state your purpose in the introduction of the outline. The body of your essay must elaborate on your thesis statement; so, in the body of the outline you must mention and explain the topic statement you want to write about in the body of your essay. The conclusion is meant to sum up you topic idea. Make the outline short and the best way to do it is by jotting down points.

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