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5 Paragraph Essay Outline: Basic Recommendations

It is impossible to generate top quality essay without properly structured and solid outline. The point is that an outline is some sort of skeleton of your essay, which helps you to put you thoughts in logical order.

Before you start working on your 5 paragraph essay outline, you have to make sure that you have already gathered all the information related to your topic and you are well-familiar of it. Moreover, it is recommended to create a list of articles and books that will come in handy in the process of work. Put down some notes. They will be very useful and help you to construct sentences and then correct them. Do your best in order to base the 5 paragraph essay outline upon the key ideas of the paper.

Below we have provided the example five paragraph essay outline you can avail of in your essay:

  • INTRODUCTION (One should provide attention-grabbing information in this block so that the reader would want to go on reading)

Point A (One should provide three main integral parts of essay five paragraph – main details, valid examples and solid arguments)


Point B (One should provide three main integral parts of essay five paragraph – main details, valid examples and solid arguments)


Point C (One should provide three main integral parts of essay five paragraph – main details, valid examples and solid arguments)

  • CONCLUSION (Summarize all the key ideas of the paper)

Working on your project, it is highly important to be clear, for example, five paragraph essay shouldn’t contain information you have included just to mill the wind.

Make a note of:

  • Introduction is a great opportunity to attract attention to your paper and to put your paper in context;
  • Body is a section which includes arguments that support your thesis;
  • Conclusion is none other than the rephrasing of introduction section in other words;

Some students create their own five-paragraph essay form or use circles. You have an opportunity to do the same to guide your writing process. But the general idea of the outline structure remains the same.

Quick 5-Paragraph Essay Help in 5 Minutes

People who wish to write an essay will soon realize that writing 5-paragraph essay is the best way to do it. A 5-paragraph essay will let the writers express themselves completely and the structure of the essay will make it really easy for readers to understand and grasp the essay. The main intention of the writer should be to keep the reader interested throughout the essay. The writer should be able to give the complete picture and be able to create a good dialogue between the pros and cons of any issue. Many people who start a writing 5-paragraph essay will often be stuck at how to structure it.

The good thing is that there is a lot of 5-paragraph essay help available to people online. One can even learn to write essays from scratch by taking the help of some of the websites. These websites will have 5-paragraph essay prompts and will also have writing directions. The best thing about some of these websites is that they will even provide sample essays which people will be able to read and get an idea of the whole process.

People can get ideas about how to structure and arrange the information in such a way that the reader will be able to appreciate it. With the 5-paragraph essay help of these websites, people will be able to master the art of writing such essays. The best thing about these websites is that they will even help people get good working knowledge about the use of vocabulary and will also assist people in getting used to writing essays.

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