writing a 5-paragraph essay

What a 5- paragraph essay demands?

Basic process of defining a 5-paragraph essay remains same for part decades. The term “5-paragraph essay” makes it clear for the reader to know what exactly a 5-paragraph essay means. The question now arises about the type of essay; which type of essay can be considered as a 5-paragraph essay?

In order to understand we need to assume that there is a new category where essays are divided in their types through their volume and writing format rather than depending upon their initial motive such as description, persuasion, argumentation or exposition. Any essay whether it is a pros-con, descriptive or cause-effect regardless of their nature can be written in 5-paragraph format. In easy words we can say that 5-paragraph is a type of layout for an essay but not a type of essay.

Writing a 5-paragraph essay is just like any other essay which is divided into 5 paragraphs where each part has its own importance. So it can be assumed that any topic can be taken as 5-paragraph essay topic if it is written in the required layout.

A 5-paragraph essay outline is required before writing the essay itself which helps in improving the format and gives a proper direction to the essay. In order to make sure that you have a good essay you can even ask for 5-paragraph essay outline help. After you get the outline the further process becomes easy. The essay starts with a intro which contains the thesis statement followed by body supporting the thesis statement and a closure presented a compatible conclusion. Also, special stress must be given to references too. This whole format consists of one paragraph introduction, three for the body and last for conclusion.

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5-paragraph essay an easy wonder

The word 5-paragraph essay speaks about itself that what it looks like but there are various secrets and tips hidden behind writing a 5-paragraph essay. It must be clear from the name itself that a 5-paragraph essay must consist of 5 differentiated paragraphs. But, which must be written there? How to start writing? How to reach till the end? This article will disclose various 5-paragraph essay formatting tips.

A basic 5-paragraph essay is written in 5 paragraphs but it consists of three main sections. They are given below:

  • Introduction: An effective and interesting introduction is the key. The main requirement of introduction is to create reader’s interest which will compel him to go through the rest of four paragraphs. The reader must look curious about the content of the essay while going through the introduction. A strong thesis statement or a famous quote will do the job. This is called the first impression.
  • Body: The body consists of next 3 paragraphs which are followed by the introduction. The first paragraph must be directly link to the introduction followed by the second paragraph which must act like a chain effect on the reader. This will maintain the interest throughout the essay. The last part of the body must be decorated with the argument of the highest degree which must support the previous part of the body. Since, the fourth paragraph is the last to present authors views about the topic chosen, it must be written with great care and enthusiasm. The reader must get fully involved in the essay’s content. This is the author’s key to success.
  • Conclusion: The conclusion of 5-paragraph essay is based on the introduction, confirming the thesis statement with the help of the 3 paragraphs from the body. Great importance must be given to the fact that the conclusion doesn’t contradict the introduction or deviate from the statement presented before.

Besides these a special attention is required while checking the format and grammar. If needed, online essay formatting help can be taken. We offer 5-paragraph essay assistance round the clock so don’t hesitate to contact us if you require professional essay writing help. We will help in making your 5-paragraph essay look like as an easy wonder.