This article was created to provide all needy students with effective 5 paragraph essay organizer that will help to get familiar with the basic rules and facts about how to properly create high quality five-paragraph essay.

5-Paragraph Essay Structure

Introduction paragraph

The opening paragraph should include 5 paragraph essay thesis statement and brief information about what you’re going to talk about in your paper. One of the most important elements of the introduction section is so-called transitional hook that has to grab your reader’s attention and arouse his interest in further reading.


First body paragraph. In this section one should provide the strongest argument of the project and the most brilliant illustration that will prove the writer’s opinion. It is important to mention the paragraph topic in one of the first paragraph sentences. Don’t forget to include a transitional hook for the paragraph that goes next.

Second body paragraph. Include one more strong argument of the essay in this section. The beginning of this paragraph should be linked with the last sentence of the previous one. Include a transitional hook for the third paragraph.

Third body paragraph. In this section you reveal the weakest essay argument to your audience. The topic sentence should reflect the 5 paragraph essay thesis statement. With the help of transitional hook you proceed to the concluding section.

Paragraph of conclusions

It is important to include 4 key elements into this paragraph:

A reference to the manner the introductory section was built.

Restatement of the thesis in other words.

1st, 2nd and 3rd body paragraphs summary.

The final statement that involves everything mentioned in the project and reveals the true quintessence of the essay.

Topics for 5 Paragraph Essay

You have an opportunity to avail of a huge number of topics for 5 paragraph essay. It is important to delicately pick the topic and fully understand it because good awareness of it is the guarantee of successfully written essay. For instance, you may write 5-paragraph essay about some piece of literature. For example, you can make analysis of “The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha” written by Miguel de Cervantes and write about why Don Quixote behaves a certain way in the book.

A writer can also create a piece of work about some social subject, for instance, if you feel like death penalty should be annulled, you have an opportunity to provide your thoughts about this social phenomenon.

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