Acquaintance with a 5-paragraph essay is as easy as a pie, however students find it a bulk over their heads to write it. The name of the essay speaks about itself. A good 5-paragraph essay consists of 5 paragraphs written in correlation with each other with the intention to maintain reader’s curiousness and interest while the essay flows.

A 5-paragraph essay format has its own uniqueness. Its consists of 3 main parts, well distributed in 5 paragraphs. The first paragraph is mainly the introduction. It announces the main point and general idea about the topic and lets the reader realize the main motive of the essay. The introduction is followed by the body of the essay which are three paragraphs in volume. The body of the 5 paragraph essay must attract the author towards the concerned problem mentioned in the introduction which further must continue towards the fourth paragraph in a continuous flow. All the information about the topic must be well picked and stated here. The author must remember not to deviate from the main topic while shifting the paragraphs.

After the closing of the body, starts the most important part of the essay which is named as the conclusion. Conclusion is re-announcing of the situation mentioned in the introduction but with proof.
Now, the author can claim that the statement he mentioned is proved.

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